Terrorism hits Paris, France; An Unexpected Place. My thoughts on this.

My heart goes out Paris, France, America’s oldest Ally. Known best for romance, and love, but suddenly and sadly suffering from a serious act of terrorism themselves.‪
One person interviewed by French Media News, said he felt as he felt when 9/11 happened. After a slight pause, he continued “But I do not consider this near as bad as 9/11…..” Stuck on those words, not hearing the rest of his sentence, immediately I thought, “I beg to differ. It is terrorism without a doubt; just weighed with a different scale.”

The high powered assault rifles used in the attack are not generally in most of France. In the far south of France it makes more sense due to the Mafia’s drug business. This city is more peaceful than violent but does have it’s share of criminal activity. I think I compare it to my little safe town, a bubble not quite penetrated completely by atrocities from neighboring cities. A shooting will happen, someone gets robbed. Graffiti is quite an annoying eyesore to most people, but really it’s a land claim by a gang. So far my little town has held its claim quite well because graffiti is removed within 48 hours on average. I actually watch it and live right behind a nice park. Yes we have gangs in schools, but I think of them as wannabes really. I grew up in an area of ag where it was notably more obvious. Guns are so prevalent here, my son can name every single one in his war game; including it’s specs and attachments (or something like that). He knows every single detail and if he were to see the same gun in real life, he would know exactly what one does in the right and wrong hands.
The majority in France do not have a gun of this magnitude readily available, whereas in America, we have become desensitized to such violent crime because many guns flood everywhere. It is absolutely devastating when the reality we know is obliterated. It shocks us speechless, as we fight off denial, it scares the hell out of us, and then pisses us off. How dare anyone perform such an atrocity simply out of blinded hate and stupidity! So I do believe they should have every right to compare it to our 9/11 attack because their sense of safety and security has been shattered. They must feel all this and yet they must go on. With both 9/11 and this shooting ambush in France, it changed every single one of us in some way. Sadly, for others it was nothing short of excruciating. I’m sure that is an understatement because I really can’t find a word describing those who lost loved ones; and how they were changed. Personally, I did not know a single victim at ground zero of 9/11. But I have a heart and I cried for my fellow humans, my country, and felt like the world was turned upside down. I still cannot watch it on TV without feeling it again. I admire New York people, they don’t give up. Same for France, but I can hold back some tears. I have to do so, ever since 9/11. Plus I am an American and it was MY country attacked although I am a quarter French. Yet, still, cell by cell the Taliban and Isis plan their next move. France, now too will have to create a new contingency plan and probably a new department like our Homeland Security Branch.
All this stealing innocent lives; over a religious cartoon. Committed by two brothers, natives there that planned and executed this rampage. Glad they weren’t so bright in their getaway plan. They will not get far and they will pay for their crimes.

Out of the 11 victims shot, only 1 has survived.
I’m still not completely desensitized. Nobody ever truly will be.
Je Taime Charlie.
Je Suis Charlie
(I love you Charlie)
(I am Charlie)

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