Job Hunting and Writer’s Block-A Connection, My Opinion

So lately I’ve been spending all week in a program that is to help me find a job.  Of course, I still have to keep looking myself every single day.  I feel like I’ve spent all week at the office along with the running around; as if that in itself is a “real” job.  It’s true when you hear, “If you do not have a job, your full-time job is finding a job.”  I’ve heard Dr. Phii say that a few times on his show also.  After my week, that’s no joke!

I should  have a part-time job by Tuesday until I  find something more permanent. I do have a particular job in mind that I have applied for and really want, because it is what I know I am supposed to do with all my heart and soul. Yet I will not mention the job specifics in fear of jinxing it. This alone puts that in jeopardy 😉 Yes I’m superstitious and cannot help myself.

Spending this last week dressed up and wearing heels has made me appreciate my sweats, t-shirts, and socks so much more.  I have blistered feet from my heels and all the walking I’ve done taking in resumes to Attorneys looking for a legal secretary.  My quest has barely begun, and it is not easy, but I can do it and will continue to do so because I am tough (blisters and all).

Unfortunately, the blogging I’ve been wanting to do has not been happening. It’s as if  that part of my brain shut off.  As I read this book “The Rough Guide to Psychology,” it’s probably true.  I am too busy focusing on one and my creativity cannot flow.  I know there is a connection. In my opinion of course it’s much worse with me than with anyone else.  I see everyone writing their blogs and think “Wow they make it look so easy!” It isn’t, especially since I am new and learning. (In advance, any respectful advice is appreciated).  

I will have a blog up later in which I get to interview an author who has written an amazing book I cannot wait to read. Yes that’s a teaser to keep you coming back.

Until next time……

For now, I am enjoying my weekend. I also hope that the rest of you do the very same! 😀 USA, LLC

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