Gmail Password Leak Update

Guess I’d better do the same. Thank you so much for the info!

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This week, a group of hackers released a list of about 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords. This list was not generated as a result of an exploit of, but since a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with accounts, we took steps to protect our users.

We downloaded the list, compared it to our user database, and proactively reset over 100,000 accounts for which the password given in the list matched the password. We also sent email notification of the password reset containing instructions for regaining access to the account. Users who received the email were instructed to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Login” button on the homepage.
  3. Click on the link “Lost your password?”
  4. Enter your username.
  5. Click the “Get New Password” button.

In general, it’s very important that passwords be unique for each account. Using the same…

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Job Hunting and Writer’s Block-A Connection, My Opinion

So lately I’ve been spending all week in a program that is to help me find a job.  Of course, I still have to keep looking myself every single day.  I feel like I’ve spent all week at the office along with the running around; as if that in itself is a “real” job.  It’s true when you hear, “If you do not have a job, your full-time job is finding a job.”  I’ve heard Dr. Phii say that a few times on his show also.  After my week, that’s no joke!

I should  have a part-time job by Tuesday until I  find something more permanent. I do have a particular job in mind that I have applied for and really want, because it is what I know I am supposed to do with all my heart and soul. Yet I will not mention the job specifics in fear of jinxing it. This alone puts that in jeopardy 😉 Yes I’m superstitious and cannot help myself.

Spending this last week dressed up and wearing heels has made me appreciate my sweats, t-shirts, and socks so much more.  I have blistered feet from my heels and all the walking I’ve done taking in resumes to Attorneys looking for a legal secretary.  My quest has barely begun, and it is not easy, but I can do it and will continue to do so because I am tough (blisters and all).

Unfortunately, the blogging I’ve been wanting to do has not been happening. It’s as if  that part of my brain shut off.  As I read this book “The Rough Guide to Psychology,” it’s probably true.  I am too busy focusing on one and my creativity cannot flow.  I know there is a connection. In my opinion of course it’s much worse with me than with anyone else.  I see everyone writing their blogs and think “Wow they make it look so easy!” It isn’t, especially since I am new and learning. (In advance, any respectful advice is appreciated).  

I will have a blog up later in which I get to interview an author who has written an amazing book I cannot wait to read. Yes that’s a teaser to keep you coming back.

Until next time……

For now, I am enjoying my weekend. I also hope that the rest of you do the very same! 😀 USA, LLC