Death Too Soon

Death is awful. While I know our soul moves on and our loved ones remain with us, it does not take away the pain when we lose someone.

One of my best friends passed away on Monday. Her son and my son are friends and have been for the past five years or so. They became friends because her son was outside playing basketball at my next door neighbor’s basketball hoop all alone so I had my son go out and play with him. Her son RJ had offered to start my lawn mower for me because I was having a hard time. That is how it began.

About a week later I went over to her house that was two houses down across the street to meet her. I am very much into parents knowing each other. I just said “Hi, I’m Jennifer, David’s mom and I live just over there,” as I pointed. “I just wanted to introduce myself since our kids are playing a lot together.” Poor Robin look surprised and shocked that someone showed up and knocked on her door. I’m not the shy quiet type. She is, until you get to know her. She, in the beginning thought I was a little odd at the time (she eventually told me this once we had a solid friendship lol) but she and I became great friends. We always laughed about that.

Robin was the most loving and generous person I know. She helped me look for jobs numerous times. She’s given me clothes, I’ve given her jewelry that I’ve made or bought to resell. The very last time was when she was leaving an office job and she sent me there to apply. She and the boss were to do the training. Due to who the boss was, unfortunately that did not end well for either of us.

This weekend my son and I were planning on going over to visit her if she and RJ were home. I finally finished school and have free time to visit with friends and we had tentatively talked about getting together when my son was not at his father’s for his weekend visit. I should have visited her even while in school. I let it rule my whole schedule. 😦

Now we are to see her for the last time at her funeral this next week. She died too young, 34. She’s younger than I am. I am sad, heartbroken, not only for losing a wonderful friend; but for her family, husband, children and everyone who loves her.

Life is short. You never know when your last day will be. I learned a hard lesson here: visit those you truly love no matter how busy you are. Talking online and texting is not enough. Enjoy the company of your friends and family because if you don’t, their day will come and you will feel how I feel right now.

RIP Robin Gutierrez-Jones. I will always love you. ❤

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