Child Support Review again-Working Together With My Ex Husband

Because I have been stuck on Welfare for four years, off and on,  due to not successfully obtaining full time work and attending school to obtain my degrees, I found out that every three years Welfare needs to update the information.  I’m so glad I know how to do this.  I am so thankful that finally my ex and I can work together to do this as a team.  He knows how hard I’ve been looking for work.  He does not judge me.  I have to say, we do have a friendship relationship that most exes do not have.  As of today, I’ve sent out close to forty-fifty resumes and cannot do more until I take a typing test next Friday at my first college for the County jobs.

So my afternoon will be spent making sure our papers match exactly.  He has had a lot more  visitation this year and it has not been a problem at all.  After all our son is 13 and needs his father to teach him to be a man, even though he has a step-father.  His bio father has overcome his addiction, as he’s been clean for over seven years, has done his anger management long ago, and completed what was expected of him and exceeded it as well.  We are able to talk without arguing.  We are a TEAM as co-parents.

This leads me into the area of co-parenting.  While our marriage was not necessarily peaches and cream and included lots of abuse, he, nor I are the same people anymore.  As co-parents we have each others back so our child cannot play both ends against the middle.  If we need to discuss something we will.  I’m not saying we never argue, but when it gets to that  point, though rarely, we take a break, calm down and talk when BOTH of us are calm and come to the proper conclusion.

I do believe that under most circumstances (unless the husband actually did attempt murder and he would do it again if given the chance) if we can do it, so can everybody else.  I think many adults need to simply grow up and stop being selfish and using their children as pawns.  Our son is happy and well adjusted.  He has a good father and a good mother who love him with all of our hearts even though we make mistakes.  We have taught him that nobody is perfect and apologize just as we have taught him to do so when he’s done something to hurt another.  Our son is quite mature for his age and we could never ask for a better child.

So until next time, and after the child support papers; have a wonderful Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Child Support Review again-Working Together With My Ex Husband

    • Thank you. I just found out I had comments and I had to set up allowing them to post. OMG they were stuck in SPAM. Embarrassing even for a newbie lol. Thank you! I will continue my writing as I love it so!


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